I have worked in the medium of wood for twenty years. I began making games and boxes in wood but later changed my focus to less utilitarian objects, preferring to deal more with the pure aesthetic of the object and less with its utilitarian purpose.

In my search for the pure form, I use exotic and hard woods exclusively. These forms are born with an initial idea or concept but are guided by the characteristics of the material that I am using, capitalizing on the inherent richness of the grain and figure of the wood.

My pieces stand alone as sculptural forms but take on a metamorphosis and a mobility when the secret spaces they contain are revealed. With a slight touch of the hand in just the right place the piece displays it's "variable geometry" and mobility.

The fact that the pure sculptural form can change to become something different, and in many cases even more dramatic, not only becomes a focal part of the piece but also creates an interaction between the piece and the viewer. Suddenly, they must choose between the sensuality of primordial curved lines and the discovery and excitement that the secret compartments and the dynamics of the new lines that the manipulated form creates.

I use the classic tools of a sculptor, chisels, gouges, rasps and scrapers to produce my work. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.
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