Musée des Pays de L'Ain (French museum of woodturning)
Wood Turning Center, Lewes, Sussex, England


Arts et Decoration
Elle Décor
Ateliers d'Art
Woodturning Magazine, The Guild of Master Craftsmen, Lewes, East Sussex, England
Bois de Rêve, Bois Travaillés , Musée des Pays de L'Ain, France
American Woodturner


Marc Ricourt trained for 3 years in Dijon Fine Arts school and is a self-taught apprenticeship of woodturning. In 2000, he participated in a Puy Saint Martin meeting with John Jordan and Mark Sfirri and in 2001, the ITE Wood Turning Center of Philadelphia.

For a few years now, I've based my work around a simple but very essential object, as it was the first tool created and used by mankind: the vessel. Useful, yet mysterious, the closed vessel symbolically holds all mysteries and secrets of the human soul. I strive to find perfect harmony between wood, shape, texture and color. The utilization of unrefined material such as rope, horn and shells inlaid reinforce a sacred and symbolic sense of keeping as much purity as possible.

My work on vessels has allowed me to develop a relationship between ancient or geographically remote cultures and civilizations and modern creation. The most important facet of my work is the research and exploration of new forms, colors, textures and finishes.
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